Fresh Baked Dutch Crunch Bread

So when we made it our mission to serve the world's best sandwiches, we knew this could only be achieved if we made the world's best sandwich bread.  But where to begin? Chef Hunt worked with them all from focaccia to ciabatta and sourdough to kaisers, we just couldn't find the perfect bread for our perfect sandwiches...until we started testing Dutch Crunch, and then magic happened.

So what is Dutch Crunch? While long popular in several well-known California sandwich meccas, it is almost non-existent in the rest of the United States. Hailing from Holland where it is known as tijgerbrood (Tiger Bread), it has all the virtues necessary for making the best sandwiches.  Dutch Crunch is dense, while soft and doughy, giving it the strength to hold up to the heftiest of sandwich fillings, while not overpowering it with too much "breadiness".  Dutch Crunch folds and forms to its filling inhabitants, with its crust making it the undeniable leader.  As the name indicates, the crust is crunchy and has a touch or sweetness to it, due to the rice flour and sugar used in its finishing. The end result is a sandwich that you will dream about for days after enjoying!